All we needed was a plague of locusts

The tonsils are healed and all is right with the pre-teen.  He had his first summer, saxaphone lesson today.  His teacher told him that his “tone is better since the surgery.”  He seems happy about this.  I am happy if he is happy. 
We, the lil’ E and I, have been having some go-rounds.  This child has apparently made it his life’s mission to challenge me at every opportunity.  And the DRAMA!!! Oh my! We are working on it though, and I think we are making progress.  or maybe I just want us to be making progress.  Today we went round and round over practicing handwriting.  Yes, I am the mama who makes them do some school stuff in the summer.  Especially this young one. 
C is taking a computer class online this summer.  He has his saxaphone lessons once a week.  And, he has a character development report that is due the first day of school, so he has been reading books for that.  Although, reading is NOT something I have to force that child to do.
E, however,is not as inclined.  Spelling, math, and handwriting are all areas we have to work on and improve this summer for next year.  And he is supposed to read for 15 minutes every day.  Today the plan was for him to do two pages of his handwriting booklet while I cleaned up the kitchen and then read to me while we waited for brother to finish his music lesson.  Hole-lee-COW!!! you would think I told him that we were cutting off the electricity and TV and video games were no longer part of his life!!!!! The weeping! The wailing! The gnashing of teeth!!! It was really quite Biblical!! And would have been funny if it weren’t so danged annoying and frustrating. 
Finally I resorted to the path of parents for ages—I bribed him.  Yeah! I did it!!! You weren’t there so don’t judge me!!! I told him that every day that he does his work without causing me grief will earn him some money for souvieniers on our vacation. Which, he would have gotten money anyway but this way he feels like he is getting something extra and, hopefully, I get him to work without the drama. 
Zuchinni is becoming unwelcome in my daily life. We have tons!  I’ve baked bread, I’ve made it fried, baked, stuffed, steamed, grilled, and tonight I grated it up into long, spaghetti, like strings.  I think I need a zuchinni break.  Although, I did see a recipe for zuchinni brownies on pinterest that I want to try.  Yellow squash is not much more welcome here.  It is just about as prolific right now. 
We are working on planning our vacation.  We are driving…a loooong way…I’m nervous about it, and tired already. And we aren’t even leaving yet.  The boys and the hubs are very excited. I’m excited too but….it is a long way, in a car, with my kids, and the hubs, and did I mention it is a long trip?  I can’t tell you where we are going yet.  Or when…I’ll update you after the fact.  In the meantime, I’m stressing about the packing and the driving, and the traveling, and the heat, and leaving the pets behind, and the garden, and the pool…..ugh! this is why I stay home!


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