Gangsta style

Sometimes, when I am cruising around town, I like to listen to the old school hip hop rap station on my super cool satellite radio. And by old school I mean music that came out on the late 80s to early 90s. It reminds me of high school and college. Occasionally, I maybe even bust a move as I show off my mad rhyming skills. I then start to use phrases like bust a move, that’s how I roll, and homie.
There are just two things that interfere with my suppa cool style….

This is my “crew”

And this is what I drive….

Nuff said!  WORD!!!

Blessings friends,


6 thoughts on “Gangsta style

  1. heeheehee – you so crazy girl!Seriously though, my favorite music to drive to is classic rock from the 80's. It makes me feel cool and bad. hahahah

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