Say you missed me……

I’m baaack! Did you notice I was gone? Did you miss me? Please say yes, cuz if you didn’t notice I was gone, then I am spending a lot of time talking to myself here in bloggerville. Any whozit, as I was saying, I haven’t blogged since 4th of July! For the week after I was prepping for vacation. Yes, it took me that long to prep. We were gone for 9 days on a looong road trip. We went to the Grand Canyon then on to San Diego. It took 23 hours in the car to get from home to San Diego and then it took 18 hours to get from San Diego back home. Yeah, it was a lot of car time. And the kids did awesome. I really don’t know how my parents ever took us on car trips. Trips when I was a kid: a car, with a radio, two kids, backpacks full of books, drawing pads and snacks. To this day my sister SWEARS that I would force her to sit/sleep in the floorboard so that I could stretch out on the back seat. I don’t remember forcing her, in my recollection she CHOSE to sit in the floorboard. But ya know, whatever, I’m sure she has some sort of memory disorder. Now in comparison, my kids went on their vacation in a mini van. They each had their own reclining seat and there was a available 3rd seat if needed. In the van they watched tv, listened to satellite radio, played video games, listened to their iPods, and played on the iPad. How did we travel in the pre-Apple era? Without a backpack of chargers that’s for sure! It was like a sitcom. As soon as we stopped for the day we immediately went to plugging stuff in to charge. We had: an iPhone, a blackberry, an iPad, 2 Nintendo ds, and 3 cameras. And with that we set forth across the desert….just like Moses,right? I am going to tell you all about our trip and what we did but first I want ped to share some things I learned. First, I did start gathering stuff about two weeks before we were actually leaving. As, I bought things that we would need for the trip I tossed them into an empty laundry basket in my room. Also, as I thought of things that we would need for the trip, but not before, I would toss those in the basket too. I suffer from mommy memory syndrome so collecting things as I thought of them rather then when I packed them insured I wouldn’t forget anything. I got a zippered lunch bag from dollar tree and made it our medical bag. In it I put:sunscreen, sunburn ointment, neosporin, bad aids, advil for adults and kids, allergy tablets, topical itch ointment, bug bite spray, Prevacid, tums, squishy medical tape–it’s great for blisters, Excedrin migraine tablets, and wound wash. I know it sounds like a lot but it all fit in my little bag and it covered all our bases. I will post a pic later if you want. I packed a tote bag for the beach too: I got water shoes for the kids, flip flops for me and the Mr, a couple of swim towels, sunscreen, hats, sand buckets, a picnic blanket, and baby powder. If ou don’t know, and our planning to be in the sand somewhere, if you sprinkle baby powder on your sandy body you can easily brush the sand right off. This became valuable info when E discovered that he LOVED the beach and getting buried in the sand but was less than enthusiastic about have sand in all his nooks and crannies. Yes, ALL his nooks and crannies! Thank goodness I had that baby powder! I packed a zippered bag with hoodies for each of us that I stored in our under seat compartment. I packed these expecting to need them on the beach but they actually were needed long before then! I packed a small storage tub that fit between the kids seats with game books, colored pencils, movies for the DVD player, and trash bags. I froze water bottles and Capri suns for drinks and to keep stuff in our little cooler chilled. For snacks I packed nuts, crackers, fruit roll ups, small bags of cookies, and rice krispie treats. Then in the cooler I had sliced apples, strawberries, and peaches. I am happy, and surprised, to say that my kids PLOWED through the fruit. And finally clothes. We planned to spend about half the trip in San Diego so I packed two suitcases. The first case was all that we would need for the time from when we left home til we got to San Diego, i.e. a stop in New Mexico, a stop in Flagstaff, a day at the Grand Canyon, and a night in Phoenix. When we got to CA I washed all those clothes. Before we left to come home, I washed again because I hate to get home from a trip and have a mountain of laundry to tackle. Washing again allowed me to pack all clean clothes and I had pjs and clothes for one day for everyone in an overnight bag with our toiletries. We were only stopping once on the way home and this way we didn’t have to haul out all the luggage nor dig thru to find what we needed for one night. We learned that Redbox movies can be returned anywhere in the nation so we rented movies at a couple of different stops and then would return then when we stopped for the night. This allowed the kids to have something new to watch and kept them entertained. Another thing we did was to gather together any food gift crds we had to take along with us. We only used a couple, Starbucks and Dominoes, but it was good to have those to use instead of our cash. And that’s all my pre-trip info. Kinda boring I know but I am proud to say that I didn’t forget a single thing. We didn’t have to buy Anything because it got left at home. I was pretty proud of that! Tomorrow….. The Grand Canyon! I promise you won’t have to look at alllll the pics! I only took 472 while we were gone! Blessings friends! Tracey


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