Well, as I said yesterday, we took a long road trip.  Our first destination was the Grand Canyon.  Now, our expectation was that it would be hot.  It is Arizona in the middle of July.  Haha…the joke was on me!  When we left our hotel to head out to the canyon, it was 59 degrees and raining!  Our other assumption was that the area would be desert-like, but the reality is that it is very forest-like.  To say that the Grand Canyon is beautiful is to under describe.  It just doesnt even look real.  It is so immense and so hard to take in, there are no words that are sufficient.  So let me just show you some pics….

gratuitous pic of those kids of mine

This is just a handful of the pics that I took.  I could become that annoying friend who wants you to look at all 472 pics of her vacation.  Do you want to see all 472? No? Are you sure? 
OK, then…. this is today’s rest stop…tomorrow, the wildest thing we saw on our vacation
Blessings friends!


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