Or Phoenix, Air-uh-zo-nuh

So after the Grand Canyon, we headed down to Phoenix to spend the night. No big deal, we didn’t have any plans. Just an overnight stop, and yet, picture opportunities presented themselves.

It looks like a huge thunderstorm doesn’t it?  But it’s not.  It is dirt and dust.  Kinda freaky, especially when we drove through it. 

This is a tree with a green trunk.  Yes, I am aware that may seem an odd thing to take a pic of but I have never seen a tree that had smooth, green bark.  It was actually apple green but you can’t really tell that in this pic.  Maybe because of the dirt storm

This is a coyote in someone’s yard!!! OK, I grew up in El Paso.  We currently live outside of the city.  Even still, a coyote in someone’s yard surprised us all!  And then, look closely at his mouth, we saw him catch a bird and gulp it down!!!!

Poor bird never had a chance. Wild stuff in Phoenix!!!

Next stop, San Diego!!!
Blessings friends!


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