Lego Land

I may have mentioned before that the Mr. and the lil guy are hooked on Legos.  They LOVE them.  So, for the two of them, visiting Lego Land was the entire purpose of this journey.   It turned out to be cooler than Chris and I expected.  šŸ™‚
It is a good sized amusement park.  there are lots of rides, tons of cool things that you can’t believe are made out of Legos, and even a water park.  (Which we didn’t go to, because it was really too cool to be water parking that day)
Let’s look at the pics….

Lego Einstein

ginormicous Bionicle robot guy

The Lego fiends at their personal Holy Land

And this area of the park was the ULTIMATE for the Lego fiends—because the BEST Legos are the Star Wars legos!

Yeah, Darth Vadar, made out of Legos, 8 ft or so tall

Yes, that is the NYC skyline, made out of Legos
Gratuitous cute kid pic

Proof that the older child really was with us on the trip

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Lego Land.  Tomorrrow we are going to the zoo and the beach. 
Blessings friends!


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