We interrupt this broadcast to present…THE OLYMPICS

Are you watching the Olympics?  Even if you don’t want to or aren’t one bit interested, it is pretty hard to get away from them.  Do you remember the summer Olympics in LA?  When Muhammad Ali lit the flame?  I remember that.  My mom fried fish and chips that night and we all sat around the tv and watched.  That may well be the last opening ceremonies that I have clear memories of enjoying. 

Generally, I find the opening ceremonies to be a little weird.  You know they all try to be all artsy and tell you about their country, but more often then not it looks crazy.  And gets boring.  This one had some great music though.  You got to give it to the Brits, they know how to do good music baby! 

I always enjoy the parade of nations though.  All these super excited, proud atheletes marching in to represent their country.  Very cool.  Especially the little bitty countries that have a dozen or less participants.  So awesome.  But this year, we are watching it and all I can think of is the opening ceremonies of the Hunger Games.  The wild costumes, the crowd cheering like crazy, the enormous screens and world wide broadcast.  All they needed was a buzzer to go off and all the athletes to start running toward the middle of the field to gather supplies.  Kinda creepy….

Mr. G noted that he didn’t recognize the names of many of the countries.  He said that obviously he had forgotten a lot from previous geography classes.  I pointed out to him that when he was still taking geography classes, many of those countries didn’t exist.  Thereby implying that he is old…which was then emphasized when Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees started playing and he started singing along.  LOVE the Bee Gees!!!!   I told you the Brits do some great music!

Did you read the article(s) about how Michael Pheps is a big jerk and thinks he is better then any of the other athletes on the US team?  This was very disappointing to me.  I would like to believe that he is a humble, nice guy and that he is cool to be around.  I don’t want him to be a big jerk face.  I want all the athletes to like each other, be happy and proud to be there and be a team.  Maybe that should be made a requirement of being part of the Olympics.  You must be a nice person or at least be able to act like one or else you can’t be on the team.  Maybe I should put in a call to Great Britain. 

And the big hullabaloo (yes, I just said hullabaloo) about the empty seats.  I don’t think there should be any empty seats.  All the fancy pants folks who were given those tickets should be required to be there.  I think it is great that now because of the hullabaloo, those seats are going to be opened up and the tickets used.  These athletes have worked for years to get here folks!  Let people get in to see them do their stuff!   Plus it looks really bad when the cameras pan the crowd and all those seats are empty! 

Hmmm, I wasn’t aware I had such strong opinions about the Olympics until I started writing this post.    On Saturday we were watching the rowing.  I want to become a rower.  There are just a few minor hiccups with my plan: 1–I do not live in a place that is conducive to rowing.  You know bodies of water are kind of NECESSARY for this sport  2—I don’t have what would be considered a good sense of coordination so I am concerned about staying upright in the little canoe boat.  And finally, how do they go in such a straight line?  I am thinking I would probably be rowing doughnuts in the middle of the lake.  I asked Mr. G if he would project my name on top of the water for me while I practiced my rowing and he said sure.  But I think he was just humoring me.  What do you think?

Blessings friends!


One thought on “We interrupt this broadcast to present…THE OLYMPICS

  1. Sadly, I have not watched any Olympics this time.I agree with you about the opening ceremonies. I think they try too hard and it gets over the top annoying sometimes.And you should totally be a rower. Just make sure you post pictures on your blog! LOL

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