Carlsbad Beach

Included in our tickets to Lego Land, was a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium next door. We decided that we would save that visit for Wednesday morning and then afterwards go to the beach.  The boys were pretty excited because both of them are crazy about animals and they especially love an aquarium.
I didn’t really take any pics in there though, because it was kind of dark and hard to take pics through the glass. 
After the aquarium, we headed to the beach one last time.  We had been to two different beaches previously, but hadn’t really stayed long at either.  This time, we had told the boys that we would stay for a while.  E couldn’t wait to start making his sand castle!

as soon as we hit the sand, they got to building

This child is so becoming a teenager!  He refused to wear his swim trunks.  He was not going to get in the water.  He was not going to get wet.  And, in fact, he really didn’t want to go at all.  The low and behold, look at that smile!  He was drenched in record time and loved every second of it.

The little one was determined to dig a trench from his castle to the ocean. His brother even volunteered to help out.

What he seemed to struggle with though, was that the waves kept rolling in and wiping out his work

He kept a smile on his face though

He had a vision

And was pleased with the final contstuction, with or without the trench

We were all excited and curious when they found this critter.  Here, it is frightened and all drawn up in its shell.  We think it might have been some kind of horseshoe crab but really have no real idea what it is!  Basically, we just made a wild guess.  And then after they found this big one they found a bunch of little bitty ones too. This was just too exciting for the boys, especially E, who quickly made his castle the critters’ home.

Then he had to be buried. Which, as you can see, he thought was hysterical!
They were just talking up a storm out there

I’m not really sure what they were doing here. They spent about 30 minutes just standing in the surf together.  They are so funny to watch from afar. 

And this is one of my fave pics of the whole trip….this is how he felt about the beach. In fact, he wants to move to California and for me to take him to the beach EVERY DAY!!! 

It was such a lovely day!
Blessings friends,


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