A conversation with my inner voice

I’ve told you before that my inner voice has no filter…and boy, did we have a conversation today!

The kids and I had to take the swagger wagon to get the oil changed today.  I will be the very first to say that I did not look my best.  I had not put alot, ok ANY, effort into my appearance since in addition to an oil change I also needed to vacuum out the s.w. and then come home and clean bathrooms.  So my chosen attire for this little jaunt was an Old Navy tank, some men’s basketball shorts, flip flops, and a cap to cover my crazy hair.  Oh, and not a lick of make up.  I tell you this in the interest of full disclosure.

The boys and I walk into the waiting area, and it is pretty full.  E immediately plops down in the chair closest to the door and I sit on the bench next to him.  I tell E to come sit by me so that his brother can sit down too.  Now there is a woman on the other side of the bench.  I scoot over so that E can sit down next to me and I am now in the “too close for comfort zone.”  But she NEVER moves over!! She just keeps reading her facebook on her phone.  Why doesn’t she scoot over?  Doesn’t she KNOW that good manners and social courtesy dictate that she scootch at least a couple of inches?  Nope, she aint moving.

So, E and I just squish together on the other side of the bench and I pull out my phone.  That is when I noticed the ankle bracelet.  She has on a pucca shell ankle bracelet?  Now that seems a little dated.  And is that glitter on her legs?  Goodness, she has on body glitter.  How old is she?  Older than me that’s for sure.  Hmmm…I’m guessing at least 50, maybe even older.  Too old for body glitter that is for sure and the ankle bracelet is just too much.

Then she stands up.  OH MY GOOD-NESS!!! I am not sure that is a dress.  I think she forgot to put her pants on!! If she puts her hands down by her sides, I think her finger tips will be about 3 inches lower then her hemline.  Please don’t bend over lady, I have already seen more of you then I wanted to today.  I just can’t believe how short that dress is…what was she thinking when she got dressed?

I just have to wonder about people sometimes.  I mean, I know that sometimes I look at the mirror at home and think I look pretty good, then I will catch my reflection somewhere later in the day and think “Cheese and crackers! I look awful!  what was I thinking?!”   But I  don’t think that this lady had any second thoughts about her appearance.  She was working that ankle bracelet and body glitter and her shirt she turned into a dress. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I want to age gracefully and stylishly.  I don’t want to be wearing polyester pants and orthopedic shoes.  But I also don’t want to be walking around trying to look like I’m 18 when I’m 65.  I also don’t want to worry that I’m showing my rumpus to everyone on the bread aisle when I bend over to grab a package of hamburger buns.  Plus I don’t want to worry about getting glitter all over my clothes, furniture and car. 

I’ve got enough to clean without having to wipe up my body glitter every day. 



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