Talking to kids

The three of us are in the swagger wagon.  We’ve been running errands and are on our way home.  I’m rubbing the right side of my forehead.

Kid 1:  Mom, why are your rubbing your head?

Me:  It hurts for some reason.

Kid 1:  Why?  What happened to it?

Me:  I don’t know.  It feels like I bumped it but I don’t remember bumping it.

Kid 1:  Maybe a ghost punched you during the night.

Kid 2:  Maybe you hit it in the pool yesterday and you don’t remember.

Kid 1:  Or maybe you got bit by a wasp.  A genetically mutated wasp!!! And now you are going to turn into Wasp Woman!!!!

Kid 2:  Maybe it was a spider that bit you.  There have been a lot of spiders outside lately.

Kid 1:  No I think it was a wasp.

Kid 2:  Well, I think it was a spider.

Kid 1: Wasp!

Kid 2: Spider!

Me:  Now I think I know why my head hurts……

Blessings friends,


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