Blood, band-aids, and nudity

Earlier this week, E and I headed out into the back yard to hit the pool.  It has been so awful hot here that it hasn’t even been pleasant to be in the pool, and he was DYING to swim.  Since I needed to vacuum and skim anyway, I told him that I would go out with him for a little while before lunch. 

All was going well.  I finished vacuuming the pool and had just started skimming the bugs off.  E was headed up the ladder when he slipped and caught his chin on the top step of the ladder.  I was next to him so I immediately scooped him up.  He was crying pretty hard by this time and yelling that he wanted to get out.  I checked his chin and didn’t see any bleeding so I figured he was going to just have one heck of a bruise.  I put him on the ladder and stood right behind him as he climbed out.  Then he turned back around toward me and….he had blood running down his chest.  Awww MAN!!!

I climb out and grab a towel.  Wrap it around him and grap the end to press on to his chin.  I get him to hold pressure on it and pick him up.  Now picture this, we are both dripping wet, he is bleeding, and I am carrying him down the stairs of the deck and across the yard.  Yeah, I am sure we were quite a sight.  Anyway, I get him into the house and perch him on the side of my bathtub.  I send the oldest for an ice pack and move the towel to take a look.  Eeeeee….yeah, think that we might need some professional medical help here.  Put the ice pack on it and have the big bro stay with him so I can go in the other room to call Mr. G.  It is almost noon at this point and he is about to come home for lunch anyway, so I tell him I need him to come home.  This is turning out to be a fun adventure and I don’t want him to miss out on ANY of the excitement! 

I’m talking to him and telling him that E cut his chin and I think he might need to go to the doctor for a stitch or two.  Now, my child cannot hear me speak to him when I am sitting right next to him BUT when I say the words “doctor” and “stitches”  he suddenly had bionic hearing and decides to tune that 6 million dollar ear my way.  (That’s a ’70s TV reference for those of you too young to understand what I am talking about).  Anyway, he hears me and starts SCREAMING  “I DON’T WANT STITCHES!!!!”  this is also when the Mr. says “I’m on the way” and hangs up on me. 

I head back to the bathroom to calm down the kid with assurances that we don’t know if he will have to have stitches and that he needs to settle down.  I also pause at this point to tell him to hold the ice on his chin while I get some dry clothes on before I slip on the bathroom floor and bust my chin open.  Then I strip the wet swim suit off of him, wrap him in a towel, and carry the naked, shivering kid to my bed so that I can check out the wound.  This is when the Mr. walks in.   He says he thinks that the chin is OK and doesn’t need a stitch.  I still disagree but don’t really want to have to wrangle the screaming, bleeding kid into the van and then into the minor emergency clinic, so I decide to go with it.  I get out my nifty, spiffy first aid kit I made for the vacation and clean him up with my “pain free” antiseptic wash, add some pain relieving neo-sporin, a couple of butterfly tapes and a band aid. 

What is it about kids and band aids?  Why can’t they leave them alone?  Between the first band-aid and the time I got the kid in bed I think he went through 7.  Then the next morning before breakfast he went thru 5 because every single one that he got on his chin was “bothering” him!  

The next day we went and bought some super glue, sealed up that cut and now he is good to go, I am happy to say. 

Should have known, we are looking at the end of summer and we hadn’t had any wounds yet. 

Blessings friends!


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