Observations at an auction

I’ve mentioned before that Mr. G LOVES a good estate auction/sale.  We haven’t been to one in a really long time.  So, when we saw the ad in the paper this past Saturday, Mr. G couldn’t wait to get there! 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good aution too.  And, it always provides for some great people watching.  This one was no different. 

One of the first things that I noticed, was that there are a lot of older men who attend auctions.  And they all seem to have one thing in common:  grooming does not seem to be their primary concern.  Every one of these gentlemen that I stood behind seemed to have gone to the same barber, who trims their hair but not their necks.  Heck, some of them had more hair growing on the back of their necks then they did on the tops of their heads.  What is that all about? 

There also seems to be a general consensus among aution attendees to dress as rattily as possible.  If you have clothes with rips and holes, those are the clothes to wear.  Mr. G. says this is because you want to look like you don’t have any money to bid so that you fake out the other bidders.  (BTW, he has been know to rock the ratty, holey tee shirt)  BUT, I think the man that had a rip down the side of his shorts, that started about 3 inches below the waistband and ended at the hem of the shorts, went overboard with the theory.  Especially when you consider that said rip, allowed everyone a clear view of his boxer shorts.  ummm, yeah, reaallly nice….NOT

Then we have the people who bring their kids.  Auctions are NOT the place for kids.  Generally, the house is jam packed with stuff.  Then you pack in people to make it even more crowded.  And then, when there is barely any space for you to stand, you have someone who comes in with a toddler who is running around or with a baby in a stroller.  Not enough room folks!!!  We had a stroller lady at this one.  And for some reason, she couldn’t stay still and kept wanting to move around in the crowd.  Which wouldn’t have been a big problem were it not for the stroller she was pushing. My “favorite” from this auction though is the 7 month pregnant mom with the 2 year old.  The little girl was darling.  Little blonde corkscrew curls.  Cute as a button.  And really well behaved.  But mom was smoking like a chimney—did I mention she was pregnant?  Now, generally, I really, really do try not to be all judgy, judgemental—really, I do.  But, when it comes to kids, all bets are off.  And, when you are 7 months pregnant and chain smoking, I do get judgy.  And, then when I see your lovely 6 inch sized tatoo of a marijuana plant, I do have to question you parenting readiness and ability.  My inner voice was having quite the conversation!

I am always amazed at some of the crap, uh, I mean treasures, that are put up for auction.  At this one, they had the orthotic molds of the man’s feet!!! HUH?!?!?!  I mean WHY? Some things should just be thrown away folks!  

Now, what I KNOW you are really waiting to hear is what we got!!  Well, unfortunately, not everything I wanted.  I really, really wanted two low, 3 drawer dressers that I planned to refinish and put side by side to use as a tv stand and storage in the living room.  But, I got beat out on that one.  😦
But I did win a set of vintage dish towels embroidered with the days of the week on them.  They are great!  I also got an old side table with slots to hold record albums.  Currently it is olive green, but as soon as it is cool, I am going to sand it down and repaint it.  I also picked up a small black side table that I will re-do in the fall too.  Mr. G.  got some flourescent light fixtures and bulbs for his greenhouse.  I promise to post before and after pics of my table projects. 

No, auctions this weekend but we are going to an estate sale.  Hoping for some great treasures!

Blessings friends,


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