The lumps in the socks

I have done a very through, scientific, research study and found that 7 year old children are flat out crazy.  Allow me to explain….
School starts up again in a couple of weeks which means purchasing things in preparation of this big event.  Among the purchases are new shoes and socks.  Socks are the bane of my exsistence…but I digress.  In an attempt to transistion the 7 year old feet from 3 months of flip flops to the school yard required tennis shoes, E has been wearing his new tennies for the last three days.  And for the last three days he has whined, cried, and complained about the socks.  Let me boil down the problems for you….
1) he doesn’t like to feel the “wads” in the socks on his toes, i.e. the seams.  So I bought him the Hanes no seam socks. 
2)  he doesn’t like the socks to be too loose because then they turn into lumps in his shoes.  Yes, I made sure that I bought the correct size. 
3)  he doesn’t like them to be too low or too tight on his feet, i.e. the “no show” socks.  I was careful to buy the ones that come up around the ankle. 
But now, despite my careful consideration of which socks to buy Sir Crazy Feet, these Hanes ankle, no seam socks in his size are too loose in the heel and make his shoes feel like they are going to “pop off”. 
I do try to be a patient mommy, I do.  And I do care about his comfort and fashion choices but good gravy, for the love of all that is holy!!!  They are SOCKS!!!!! Put them on your feet and suck it up!!!!!  Cuz I just bought you 10 pairs of the suckers and by criminey you are going to wear them!!!!!

And, I have discovered through my research, that apparently this sock fixation is rampant.  I have spoken to 3 other moms of children in the same age group and the socks are a daily problem for them too! 

I’m thinking that he may go through the rest of his elementary school career in flip flops, regardless of the school rules.  Or sock-less…too bad he won’t wear boat shoes….

Blessings friends,


One thought on “The lumps in the socks

  1. When did you let Wade move in with you, because surely you are raising him now. sigh…SOCKS and SHOES! UGH. That is the one thing that can put me in an over the top bad mood in the mornings. Wade and whining about how the shoes feel on his feet.

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