The sins of my past…

I went to the dermatologist last week.  I had a couple of spots that I was concerned about and wanted to have checked.  The spots were fine….he said that they are “common with age.”  AGE!!!!  And then he told me that I had “quite a bit of sun damage” from when I was “younger.”  He also said that I don’t need to come back if or until I have another concern, but that I will need his “services in the future due to the sun damage.”  Ummm… this conversation in NO WAY boosted my self confidence regarding my appearance.  Who knew my freckles were such a problem?  So, I am on a hunt for some fade cream.  I remember as a kid seeing ads for Porcelana and Esoterica to “fade liver and age spots”   Now, when I want the stuff I can’t find it anywhere.  Work with me people!! I need to correct the sins of my past.  Or at least fade them out and make it look like they don’t exist. 
And, according to my current issue of Redbook, I also need to work on “youth-ifying” my cleavage.  Apparently, many women take care of the skin on their face but ignore their neck and cleavage which results in a young-ish looking face but old lady looking cleavage.  Which, according to Redbook, is a BIG issue!!!
I also found out on Pinterest this week that it is a good thing that I cannot stand the jeans from Old Navy because they are now classified as “mom” jeans.  However, since I am cheap and unwilling to pay $75+ for a pair of jeans, I am never going to have “cool” jeans.    It’s sad for me. 
Between my age spots, old looking cleavage, and mom butt, I think I may need to become home bound—-just to spare the public from looking at me. 
If you see me and you become blinded or turn to stone, please forgive me. 

Blessings friends,


5 thoughts on “The sins of my past…

  1. You crack me up! LOL I'm all freckled & hideous. It's a wonder they let me out of the house. ๐Ÿ™‚ For the past 20 years, my MIL has been telling me to sleep on my back. She swears it prevents that big cleavage wrinkle that sets in with age. Happy Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hahaha! I guess we can just hang out with each other then! Who is your dermatologist? I need one because I have this spot on my nose that hasn't gone away, and I finally thought, "hmm…I wonder what that is?" and I googled it, and it may be skin cancer. Ugh. I still find that hard to believe, but I think I should get it checked out. I've heard it is next to impossible to get in with a dermatologist in Abilene.

  3. You are funny! You look great to me!I just added myself to your Google friend connect and added your blog to my blog's list of blogs I follow.Hope this week has been WONDERFUL!love, Shannon

  4. So funny, Tracey. SO funny.I had noticed my cleavage was starting to age. I did NOT know Redbook had written an article on the subject, or that there was anything to be done about it.Thanks for linking this up with the TALU!

  5. Oh, yeah. Cleavage wrinkles and age spots and skin tags and wild eyebrows and crazy chin hairs. The good part is, our eyesight starts to go, so we aren't able to see the problems as clearly. :DTALU!

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