The Bank of Crazy

WARNING:  Chances are better than good that this is going to be a long post and it may get a little rambly. 

You need a little background information for this story.
1st:  My youngest child is very lucky that he is my last and not my first.  Because if my first had the personality of my last, I would have had only one child.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore lil’ E.  He is and has always be my snuggler.  He loves to cuddle and give kisses.  He is silly and energetic.  He is my little darling.  BUT, he also has one heck of a penchant for drama.  His mood can turn on a dime.  One minute he is happy and having fun and the next he is either crying, pouting, or slamming a door.  And it is usually something very minor that sets him off.  We are, and have been, working on his temper and his tendency to get upset before even considering a solution to the problem.

He also is like a puppy.  Puppies are high energy.  They jump around, run around, bark, want you to play with them, wrestle with them, give them all your attention.  This is E.  He is always on 10.  He wants someone to play with him, listen to him, sit with him, whatever.  Until, like a puppy, he doesn’t.  Then he wants to be left alone to recharge and re-energize so that he can jump up in your face again.

Which brings me to the Bank of Crazy.  This is what I call the reserves that I draw on when my kids are nuts.  You know, the extra patience, rationality, and reasonableness you need to deal with your children when they are acting anything BUT rational and reasonable.  But, like all banks, you need to make a deposit to be able to continue to withdraw.  In this case, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  In order to refill the crazy account, you need some non-crazy time, or non-kid time.  Either the kids need to be non-crazy or absent!  And, also like all banks, if you take too much out of the Bank of Crazy, your account can become overdrawn.  And nothing good happens when your account is empty and you are trying to float a check to pay the electric bill. 

And here we are today, on the last Tuesday, of the last week of summer.  The boys and I have been together pretty much 24/7 since school got out.  Yeah, we’ve had some time apart but for the most part, we’ve been together.  Which strains the Bank of Crazy.  See, usually, when the kids are at school all day there is enough reason and patience in the account to last thru the week.  But, when we are together all the time, the account is pretty tapped out all the time.  So, this morning, when E decided that putting on underwear was the equivalent of water boarding, I had nothing to draw on to talk him down off the ledge. Apparently, during the summer, my child’s bottom becomes anti-underwear.  Which means, that from the moment he puts a pair on he squirms, worms, wiggles, and cries.  If the Bank of Crazy was full, I can attempt to help him find a solution to his undergarment situation.  But today, on the last Tuesday, of the last week of summer?  Today, I said “Suck it up and get your clothes on—NOW”  
Uh oh!  I think I am beyond overdrawn and need a deposit fast. So, I went for the hail Mary pass, I loaded him up in the swagger wagon and took him to grandma’s.  He had lunch with her and spent a couple of hours watching TV and playing video games at her house.  Then I went and picked him up and took him back home.    Which provided me enough “money” in the Bank of Crazy to attempt to explain to him why it was not cool to give his brother a toy and then hold it over his head and threaten to take it back whenever he didn’t like what his brother was doing.  A conversation and explanation which he absolutely could not understand BUT did not result in my raising my voice. 

Thank the Lord, Grandma lives in town!!  I have a feeling he may be visiting again this week.



2 thoughts on “The Bank of Crazy

  1. My Bank of Crazy is in overdraft mode right now! 😉 I gave up on the making them wear underwear. Seriously. Less to wash. LOLThanks for the great post! Here's hoping your reserves stay full! Happy Wednesday 🙂

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