Thank you Lord!

I  have truly prayed every single day since school ended in May, that E get a wonderful teacher and have at least one friend in his class.  The lists were posted today and that is exactly what he got. I have heard awesome things about his teacher  and one of his very best buds from kindergarten and basketball is in his class.  I am so thankful and relieved.  Especially since earlier this week he started crying about going back to school.  Having his buddy as a classmate is going to make the first day of school so much easier! 

Tonight we go to “Meet the Teacher” and we will drop off all his supplies.  And then, that is it.  We are down to 3 days before school starts.  I know everyone says this but I truly cannot believe that summer is over!  It seems like they just got out of school and now they are headed back!
C is cool, no worries there.  Of course, I am reciting a similar prayer for him every day but he is old enough that he knows school is a unavoidable circumstance.  We got all his supplies and folders labeled and ready to go this afternoon.  The jr. high kids don’t have meet the teacher night and don’t get their schedules until the first day of school

And I thought that I was going to be oh so smart and log on to the parent access page of the school, where you can check your kids grades and attendance, and get an early look at his schedule.  But the district apparently expected parents, like me, to try that sneaky trick so they disabled the web page!  Ack! Foiled again!!!!  I hate it when that happens!

How about you?  Have your kids started yet?  Do you know who their teacher is and if they have a friend in class? Can you believe summer is over?

Blessings friends!


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