Vegan, Gluten-free, organic, vegetarian—ACK!

So, I’ve been thinking about making some changes to our diet/life style.  I found out at my last check up that my cholesterol is very high, like, if I don’t get it down then I have to go on medication kind of high.  And I am SURE there is something wrong with Mr. G, ’cause if I have problems then he MUST have problems too, but he refuses to go to the doctor so I don’t have any proof of my theory.  And it wouldn’t hurt either of us to lose some weight either. 
Plus, I am concerned about the boys, their health and their eating habits.  The more that I read about the effects of meat and dairy products on our health the more sure I am that we need to begin limiting and eliminating animal products from what we eat. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, we like us some meat!  But, Mr. G and I have talked about it and decided that this is something we want to try.  I think that it is going to be hardest for me, because I have to do the cooking, and I have very few vegan/vegetarian recipes! 
So, I am asking for help…have any of you made the switch to vegetarian or vegan?  Do you have any recipes and/or tips you could share?  I also want to cut out dairy products and make the switch to non-dairy options.  Any of these products that your kids love? 
I would love ANY advice you have!  Thanks so much!

Blessings friends!


2 thoughts on “Vegan, Gluten-free, organic, vegetarian—ACK!

  1. Oh man! You know when we did this for Lent, Steve wanted to go vegan, and both of us were really glad we decided not to do that! I know it would be more healthy though – but you might go slowly at first – cut out meat, then slowly cut out dairy. I did make PW's tofu lettuce wraps – the only time I've ever had tofu, and they were actually good – Joey ate them, but I don't think the other kids did. In our Body for Life, we have cut out most dairy – you're supposed to have protein at every meal, so we've eaten more chicken breasts than I ever care to think about, but we don't eat much dairy at all – and our results have been much better with that than when we went vegetarian. Of course, we are exercising now too. I hate to say it, but some of it may be genetics or stress too. Both of us had bloodwork done, and my cholesterol is great while Steve's is still bad, and we pretty much eat the same thing. I just know that protein is so important for muscle, and muscle burns fat, so make sure you are getting plant-based protein. Learn to love tofu and edamame! I have known several kids that eat edamame like candy! I can't say I've ever tried it, but Steve likes it. I'll have to try it and see what I think – I am quite sick of chicken breasts! Good luck with your healthy changes! Good for you!

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