Hearing aids?

Me:  Chris, bring me that board.
Chris:  Bring you the cord?
Me:  Bring me that board!
Chris: Bean and the ghord?
Chris: Oh! What board?

Me:  Take this and this, and put them away.
Chris: Take it and throw it away?
Me: Nooo, take THIS and THIS and put them away
Chris:  Take them far away?
Chris:  Oooooohhh

Me:  Chris, I think you’re a cool dude.
Chris:  You’re in a good mood?
Me:  sigh

This goes on all day, every day.  Until  I just quit talking…..



One thought on “Hearing aids?

  1. Oh my – hahahaI can relate to the good mood part. I must be in such a crabby mood all the time that the least little smile gets noticed by the husband. He always assumes it will lead to "other things" which is annoying in itself. lol

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