Treasure hunting

The last few months have been filled with some great treasure hunting.  Mr. G and I have found some terrific things.  Several, I have been holding in the wings waiting for it to cool off a little bit so that I didn’t mind being outside to spray paint them and bring them into greatness. 

This is what the tops of my cabinets looked like at the beginning of the week. 

This is what they look like now.
I have wanted to redo them for some time but first I had to find some things to put up there. 


I had the aluminum tub but wanted to paint it white to go with the new accessories.  The greenery I all ready had, but just repurposed it here.  The pitcher was one I already had too. It is a great pitcher but it weighs a TON so I never use it.  Perfect up here!
I got the wire basket at a garage sale for $1. The wire basket was all rusty and beaten up.  I didn’t want to completely lose the rustic look of it, but I wanted it to be white, to go with the other things.   Plus, when I sprayed some white on it, the lemons and oranges POPPED!  The lemons and oranges, were ones I already had so I just gave them a new home. The woven tray on the other side was 50 cents at a garage sale.  As soon as I saw it I knew it would fit in perfectly.  I liked that it added a natural texture.  The greenery was again, stuff that I already had and just relocated.
And look at him!  I love him!  Again, he is a garage sale find, I think I paid $2.  He was brown and tan and his eyes and beak were a weird yellow color.  He got a couple of coats of spray paint with primer and now he looks classic instead of creepy.
This is the side around the fridge.  The vases on the left used to be dark brown.  I sprayed them white and added the greenery.  The EAT sign is one that I made.  I had wanted one for a while but didn’t really want it to be red since it really wouldn’t fit in my kitchen.  I bought paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby for a total of $3.75.  I painted them bright blue with paint I had at home then glued them to a scrap piece of wood so that they would stand up.
Yes, I got this at a garage sale, for a $1.  And I love it.  You can’t really tell in the pic, but it is all embroidery.  I hung it on my pantry door—may be my fave thing in here now. 
Thats my redo!  Thanks for stopping by!  Come again soon.  🙂

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