Look what was in my yard today!

I left the house this morning at 10:20.  I went to run some errands, had lunch with a friend, ran a couple more errands.  Got home a little after two.  This is what I saw when I turned down my street. 

Then I realized they were in MY yard!!!
Ummm…. I am fairly certain that (a) they were not here when I left this morning and (b) I was NOT expecting them to be here when I returned.  Turns out, unbeknowst to the property owners, i.e. me and the hubs, the railroad commissioner of the great state of Texas has said that all non-producing oil wells must be capped.  And guess what is on the edge of our property line?  Yup, a non-producing oil well.  No, we did not receive any notice this would be occurring.  Mr. G is out of town.  He is not very happy about the large tire marks now running through our front yard.  Or about the three large, LARGE vehicles currently residing in our front yard.  He is planning a lot of righteous indignation when he returns home tomorrow.  I said “more power to ya”   I’m not getting involved.  I parked the van and spoke with three of these guys this afternoon trying to figure out why in the heck they were in my yard.  I was not fulfilled by these conversations.  Nor did I really feel my questions or concerns were answered or addressed.  This is why I have a husband…for the righteous indignation….maybe we’ll get 20 bucks out of this….won’t quite cover the repair to my grass though
Maybe the mr. could work in some anger with that indignation…..
I’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “Look what was in my yard today!

  1. This summer they tore up our street to put in new sewer pipes and the repayment for tearing up the entire front yard? They put the dirt back and sprinkled it with some grass seed. Which never grew because the dirt was basically sand and the grass seed was dollar store blend. 🙂

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