Another sign that I have a problem


Isn’t this a cool box?  (yes, I am asking you to admire a plastic storage box.) it is for your fridge, to store fruit and snacks. 

Here is another one.  A little smaller.
And this is a lunch set.  I couldn’t find a pic of the exact one I got.  The one I bought also has a little container that fits in the lid for dip or condiments annnd a spork that fits in the lid.  They are all by Sistema (no they do not know who I am, I am getting nothing out of sharing this info with you—except the joy that i get out of sharing my super cool storage tubs with you)  I ordered all of these from Zulily.  You should check it out.  here is a link, in case you aren’t already on zulily.  I also, got some Christmas gifts for the Star Wars lovers in my life.  (They don’t read my blog so I feel safe sharing that info with you)  They add new stuff every day.  But did I mention that I got some super cool plastic containers?  Yes, that makes me very happy.  I will take a picture of the inside of my fridge for you tomorrow after I make the grocery store run.  You know, so you can see my super cool containers in action. 

Give me a break!  It’s a slow blog day! 

Blessings friends!


One thought on “Another sign that I have a problem

  1. Plastic storage containers make me happy, too!! I am headed out to buy some to totally re-organize our medicine cabinet today–and I cannot wait! 🙂 It worries me how excited I am…

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