I’ve found the source of negative behavior

Today it was in the 60s and rained all day.  It was GORGEOUS! But, it really was not capri pants weather so I had to break out my jeans which I have not worn in months.  Because I do not wear jeans when the temperature is over 100.  So, I get these jeans on and about 45 minutes after I have them on, then have loosened up, you know how your jeans do, and they start slipping down about an inch.  For the rest of the day I am having to hitch up my jeans, yes, I should have put on a belt but that didn’t seem to be a problem when I first got dressed.  But, because they keep slipping down, they are driving me CRAZY!  To the point that I am getting very cranky and grumpy. I have this reaction whenever I am wearing some article of clothing that is not fitting right.  Like, underwear that crawl around, or a bra that keeps poking or riding up, a blouse that is too tight, you know what I mean.  So as I am SUFFERING with these stupid jeans all day, and can’t WAIT to get home to take them off, I realize that this is why people go crazy and do stupid, rude things—even committing crimes.  Really…I think I am on to something.  Obviously that woman that is behaving like a two year old in the Target line must be wearing some uncomfortable panties.  That guy in the restaurant acting like a boor—-his socks keep slipping down past his ankles.  These people would not be acting like donkey butts if their clothes weren’t driving them up the wall.  And those teen age boys wearing their jeans around their butts?  THAT’S why they do graffitti and break into cars, etc.  If their pants fit right they would know that what they were doing was wrong.  Think about the crimes that could be prevented from ever occurring if we could just make sure that everyone wore comfortable clothes! 
I think I may be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize….
I’ll be sure to post pics for you.

Blessings friends!


2 thoughts on “I’ve found the source of negative behavior

  1. You are BRILLIANT!!!! That makes total sense to me! I was really cranky the other day when I had a shirt on that just didn't FEEL right…itchy fabric, didn't fit right… The moment I got home and changed, I was a new woman!

  2. hahahaha – I think you ARE on to something. When I can get home and slip on my yoga pants(even though I've never done Yoga) I get in a much happier relaxed mood. I'll be waiting for the pictures. ;P

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