That’s a wrap!

The fair is over again for another year.  We got out of having to drag the kids around the hot and dusty fair grounds and out of spending a small fortune on rickety old rides that cause me great concerns over the safety of my children.  All three of the guys went up to the fair on Monday evening with me to pick up my cakes and we used that opportunity to satiate their fair food cravings (sausage sandwich for Mr. G, turkey leg for Evan and lemonade and fries for Chris).  Since their got to eat they seemed OK to forgo the rides that night.  They we got some amazing storms come thru at midweek and any hopes of fair going were rained out. 
This Monday, I went back to the fairgrounds to pick up my ribbons and the craft items my neice had entered.  Here are the final results:

My neice got 1st place for a caterpillar made of yarn and 2nd place for a memory book she made.  Way to go Zoey!

Chris got a 4th place ribbon for a pic he took at La Jolla cove while we were on vacation. 

And, here are the baking results….
chocolate chip cookies got 6th place
buttermilk pie got 5th place
chocolate layer cake got 5th place (I didn’t even know about this one until yesterday)
white yeast bread got 4th place
choclate chip banana bread got 4th place (didn’t know about this one either til yesterday)
pecan pie got 4th place
cinnamon swirl bread got 3rd place
coconut cake 2nd place
brownies 1st place
lemon pound cake 1st place

Not too bad for my first time.  It wore me out though—it was a lot of baking to do every day.  I have a feeling though that after a year I may be ready to do it all again. 

All the recipes should be up on the blog.  I posted them last week.  But if I missed something, or if you have a question, just leave me a comment.  🙂

Blessings friends,


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