What I like best about my kids’ school

 I grew up in a large city.  There were dozens of elementary schools.  When we had football games, we played teams from high schools around town.  When I met my husband, I had no concept of having to go out of town to play a football game.  What do you mean that there aren’t enough high schools in town to play against?
When I went to college, I moved to another large city.  And I LOVED it.  So much to do, so many places to go and shop and eat.  But when we got married, and started thinking about having kids, we decided we would rather raise our kids in a smaller area.  We also knew we wanted to be close to his parents or mine.  Well, at the time my parents lived in the same big city I grew up in, and fate intervened and my husband got an excellent job in his hometown, and that is where we moved to—and still live. 
Our town is smallish.  Not tiny–I mean we have TWO Walmarts!!! but it is definitely not a large  city
And the school district that my kids attend has ONE elementary school, ONE middle school, and ONE high school.   Yes, there are some drawbacks to this.  They probably don’t get all the curricular choices that they probably would if we lived in a larger metropolitan area.  BUT, they get some awesome things instead.  My oldest child’s teachers, remember him and ask about him often.  And, they know his little brother and always say hello to him and make him feel special.  Former teachers of both my kids are among my friends on facebook and in real life.  The counselor at the elementary school remembers my oldest child and asks about him even though he hasn’t attended that school in over 5 years.  And perhaps my favorite thing of all is that they have events and activities that they do every year and are traditions.  In kindergarten, the kids do a huge easter egg hunt and make a trip to the zoo.  In first grade, they have a Thanksgiving feast and dress up like Pilgrims and Indians (sorry Native Americans).  And in second grade, they paint shirts for Halloween and build gingerbread houses for Christmas.  When my oldest went thru elementary school, they did these things. And now, with my youngest, they are still doing them and I get to attend all over again. 

Here is the artist at work….

And here he is with his final product.  And now that they are done, all the second graders will wear their shirts every Friday thru the month of October.  Just like all the many second graders before them.  

And not to leave the big kid out…he played in his first homecoming pep rally yesterday.

They played great.  And thank goodness he is tall!  Otherwise, I might not have gotten a pic of him!

Blessings friends,


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