31 days in October.

Do you read Nester’s blog?  You probably do, she’s famous in blog land.  Especially if you follow blogs about home and decorating.  Well, she participates in this series every October, where bloggers write about the same topic every day, throughout the month.  Last year I though about participating but then decided not to–it just seemed like too much work and I didn’t really have a topic. 

But this is a new year.  And I am not teaching.  And the theme is “31 days of change” which is EXACTLY what I am going right now.  I am making all kinds of changes in our house and tackling all kinds of projects that I have wanted to work on for months, maybe even longer but not had time or energy for…

So, for the month of October, I am going to commit to posting every day about a project that I am working on, from start to finish.  And the projects will vary, but some sneak peeks, this month will include a HUGE garage sale, and a major repainting and decorating overall of significant parts of our home. 

I hope you will check in daily…and if you want to participate too check out the info here

31 Days of Change 31 days of change


One thought on “31 days in October.

  1. OOOH how fun. Can't wait to follow along. I tried a 30 day challenge in the past and bailed after just a few days. I think I picked a subject that was too hard to keep going with.

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