Menu plans today thru Oct 7

So, my menu plan for this week got a little off track because the Mr. ended up being out of town for a good chunk of the week and, while it may seem like bad mommy-ing, I don’t cook when it is just me and the kids.  Those are leftovers, grab what you can, is there anything in the freezer dinner nights. 

So, since I didn’t cook as much as I originally planned, I have bumped a couple of past week’s meals into the next week. 

Friday (tonight)  tomato soup and grilled cheese
Saturday  crock pot lemon chicken
Sunday chicken parmesan
Monday crock pot mac and cheese
Tuesday  leftovers
Wednesday  Eight layer casserole
Thursday   Deep dish pizza
Friday Garage sale day—-sandwiches
Saturday  Garage sale day—-take out
Sunday  Chicken picata

So there it is, that gets us thru the first week of October.  Can you believe that?!  I sure can’t!!!



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