31 Days—project #1

Today is October 1st.  Which means it is the beginning of my 31 days of blogging project.  Having a project to complete today was actually really easy since I am STILL gathering up things for the garage sale.  And, if you are cleaning out cabinets, closets, corners, and crannies you might as well clean and reorganize while you are there, right?

Today’s project was the kitchen. 

Here are some before pics

and here are the afters

A summary of what I did today.
1.  I tried this thing I saw on Pinterest to clean all my cabinets.  You get wood cleaner that has orange oil in it. Spray down your cabinets.  Microwave the wet cloth you are going to use for about a minute.  Make sure you wear rubber gloves!!! the rag is going to be hot! then scrub down your cabinets.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out. 
It did work really well.  It takes a while.  You have to stop and re-warm the cloth after each cabinet.  But the hot cloth really does cut rut through the grease and grime. 
2.  After I cleaned all the cabinets, I took down all the plates from alongside and above the china cabinet and washed them.  I already knew I wanted to hang them above the window.  I laid them out on the counter to look at and decide what order I wanted them in.  I hung the middle plate first, then the two on either end.  Then I filled in the gap on the right then left.  After each plate, I stepped back and looked at the spacing and height.  This also took a good bit of time, but, by planning it out and looking after each plate was hung, I didn’t have to make many corrections. 
3.  After I got the plates above the window, I decided that I wanted to move the painting.  I wasn’t sure at first where to put it, I just knew that I didn’t want to keep it next to the window.  Luckily, I ended up liking it at the first place I put it. 
4.  The fabric covered memo board—I got it about a month ago at a garage sale.  I loved the toile print and the color but didn’t know where to hang it.  I tucked it behind a cabinet and thought about it.  Then today, boom!  I found the perfect spot!  And my chicken that is now on top of the china cabinet?  Well, I had gotten it back in June at an estate sale and tried it in a few different places, and STILL not found him a home that I liked.  But now?  I think he has found a permanent home on top of the china cabinet.  At least until I decide to redo the kitchen again. 
5.  I also, got out the spackle and filled in all the nail holes in the kitchen.  I need to touch up these spots and a couple of other BUT I found out today that I don’t have any extra kitchen paint.  So, I am going to have to find a match and get a quart mixed up. 
6.  While I was cleaning the outside of the cabinets, I also cleaned out some things and added them to the garage sale pile.  I CANNOT wait for this garage sale.  It can’t get here quick enough!  I am so tired of seeing all this junk—umm treasures—–piled up in my garage. 

So, there ya go.  Kitchen clean up for project one. 

Oh!  two updates from Saturday:  on the tortilla strips.  All you do is:  buy a package of corn tortillas.  Cut the tortillas into strips about 1/2 wide.  In a small sauce pan, pour about two cups of oil and allow to heat.  When oil is hot, fry tortilla strips in small batches, just as you would do french fries.  As strips brown and crisp, remove from oil and drain on paper towels.  Sprinkle with salt. 
Also, the pumpkin cupcakes?  Delish!!!   I didn’t make the salted caramel icing just because it was already late when I made them.  So I went with a simple cream cheese frosting and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top.  They were good the night I made them.  But the next day, after they had been in the fridge overnight?  Out of this WORLD!!! So, good!!!!!!  

Blessings friends!!!


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