The garage sale recap

Well, it’s over.  Thank goodness.  We haven’t done a garage sale in about six years.  And I think we are going to go another six or so before we have another.  It is ALOT of work and prep.  But, we did get rid of a lot of stuff that was just cluttering up our house and we made (drum roll please)  $400!   Woo Hooo!  My sister in law made about $200, my brother in law made $40 and my father in law made about $50.  So all totaled, close to $700, pretty good right?  And the best part was that I got rid of three large items that I really wanted gone.  So, I am very happy with the result. 

Here’s some pics for ya….

Photo: Look at all the wonderful things you can come and buy at 181 Harrisburg Rd. and tomorrow NEW stuff!

Photo: Ping pong anyone?
Photo: Look at all this wonderful stuff!  And we are cold so we are making deals!  181 Harrisburg Rd.

And, we shared the wealth and took all the clothes, blankets and other items that didn’t sell to the Salvation Army.  Because NOTHING was allowed to go back inside! 
Gotta say though, I enjoy going to other people’s garage sales better than I enjoy HAVING a garage sale.    But now my garage is sooooo pretty and organized.  🙂

Blessings friends,


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