I’m wide awake

You are supposed to read that title to the tune of the current Katy Perry song that is played about every 15 minutes on the radio.  The one that I liked about a month ago before it got beat into my brain by over exposure. 
Why am I wide awake?  Well, it could be because I woke up with a 30 pound cat laying on my leg.  Or because my youngest child is in my bed and he likes to try and sleep underneath me.  Or because I had a crick in my neck.  Or maybe it is just because I fell asleep at 8:00.  It’s kinda like my own version of the perfect storm. 
So I am up trolling around on Pinterest.  I have found 5 things I would like to make for breakfast.  Unfortunately the three people I live with are all asleep and making the 5 things would involve me making noise in the kitchen.  Which would probably wake up the three people.  And as good as I think those scones and biscuits would be, they are NOT worth the drama of waking up a couple of the snoozers.  One in particular who has never be defined as “a morning person.” 
That’s all I had to say here.  Just wanted to say hello to all of you.  At 2:56 a.m.  If you wanna run by the donut shop and get a fresh, hot dozen to share with me, I will make the coffee.  Hmm?  Any takers? 
I’ll wait up


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