The plan is to paint the family room this weekend.  I am hoping that we get it all done and that I love the final product.  I have no hesitation moving furniture around but paint is a lot more work so I have a MUCH more difficult time making a decision and taking the plunge.  I have settled on a pale butter color. Kind of a cross between ivory and pale yellow.  In preparation for the remake of the family room, I have begun prepping all the stuff that I am going to put up on the walls. 

I found these at an estate sale several months ago.  I’ve had them in the garage since then.  I knew that I wanted to spray paint them, and I knew that I was going to redo the family room, so I had them waiting until I was ready to start the project.
I started by brushing them off really well to get all the dust and dirt off of them.  Then I went over them with white spray paint primer. 
You can see these little owls in the pic above too.  They were both really dark so I gave them a shot of primer too.  I got both of these for a dollar at a garage sale.  I’m not sure yet what color they are going to become but since I was painting anyway I decided to go ahead and prep them too.
Once the primer dried I gave the lions a coat of “sea breeze”  I am planning on using turquoise as the accent color in the family room. 
After the first coat dried, I gave them a second coat making sure to get in the nooks and crannies as much as possible.  I think they look great! 
I’ll post another pic when they are finally in place when the room is finished. 
Blessings friends,

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