This is an old pic from last year.  But, it shows you the color of the family room before we embarked on the painting project that never seemed to end.

On Friday, right after I dropped the kids off, I came home and got started.  I removed all the switch plates.  Then I washed down all the walls (top to bottom) and the baseboards.  THEN I finally started priming.  I worked for 6 hours straight and still had an entire wall plus 1/3 of another to do.  The pic above was taken Friday evening when I finally gave up for the day.  
This is what I had left to do after working all day Friday. 
I know it is hard to tell in this pic, but see that top left corner of the wall?  Well that was the first coat that I had done on Friday.  On Saturday the room had taken on a pale pink tone as the primer dried and the red started showing through.  So, we got a second gallon of primer and did a second coat.  The rest of the wall is what it looked like after the second coat. 
At about 12:30 yesterday we finally started getting paint on the walls.  The priming seemed to go on forever but it made the painting so fast and easy.  We only had to do one coat of paint and it went on super smooth and easy.  The color is called “butter.” 
I took this one this afternoon.  I have got the room put back together.  Obviously I haven’t put anything up on the walls yet.  That is a project for tomorrow.  Today, we spent the morning painting all the trim and cleaning up. 

The Mr. and I cannot get over how much bigger, lighter and airy the room feels.  I even got up in the middle of the night because I thought a light had been left on out here.  It was just the glow from the thermostat reflecting off the new walls! 
And this is not a compensated endorsement, but based on this experience, I highly recommend the Valspar paint from Lowes.  We used the high hiding primer and the paint with primer for this room.  Both were low VOC and there was practically no smell at all.  None of that new paint hangover or headache.  And it cleaned up really easily with soap and water. 
More pics coming later this week when I get the stuff up on the wall. 
Blessings friends!


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