It’s coming together

I started the morning with a round of spray painting.

This is the mirror that was in the family room before.  But the gold frame was not working for me anymore so it got a dose of white paint. 

I hung it back on the same wall (mainly because the eye bolts were already there and I didn’t want to move them) then I hung the turquoise lions from that I painted the other day next to it.  And that little pink owl was also primed last week. 

I got the DVD’s back up on the shelves, moved the family rules sign over there, added some family pics to the shelves, and my other little owl who is now apple green.  Oh, and that is Smooch wondering why I am taking his picture–which I wasn’t.  🙂

I also spray painted the frames below.  They were black, which I didn’t want on my butter walls, so they became white this morning. 

This wall is not done yet but i don’t want to hang things up to just fill up space.  So, I’m thinking on it and will fill it in over time.    I’m really working on not filling space just to have it filled.  Since the garage sale, and the room re-do this weekend, things are feeling a lot more open.  It feels kind of weird to have this open, unfilled space but I am determined not to put things in here unless they serve a purpose and I really love them. 
Speaking of,  I also painted this today….
I have it laying on it’s back here but it is an old record cabinet that I got at an estate auction.  I think I paid 5 maybe 10$ for it.  I removed the weird screws that were around the edges, for no apparent reason.  I filled the holes, and sanded down all the rough edges.  Then there was a LOT of cleaning.  It was filled with dust, cobwebs, bug carcasses.  Yeah, nasty!  But now it has a coat of fresh white paint—which still isn’t dry because it rained most of the afternoon.  It is going to go alongside the sofa with an awesome lamp that I have had in the living room but not really liked there.  🙂  Other than the paint, I didn’t buy anything for the room redo.  All the stuff I am putting in here either came out of another room in the house or I’ve had in the garage waiting for the painting to be done.  I’ve known for about six months that we were going to paint this room so I’ve been stacking up projects to be done for the finishing touches in here.  More pics to come. 
Blessings friends!


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