Consignment finds and table redo

So, I told you about the big consignment sale.    There were TONS of things that I wanted to buy but I decided to stick to the things that I really wanted and take the chance that the other stuff might still be there later this week when the 50% off sale starts. 

I have been wanting a large rooster for the end of my counter for a while.  But I didn’t want to spend $50 on one.  So, when I saw this guy for $10 I knew he was meant to be mine. 
Then I saw this.  Oooo, it makes my heart go pitter patter.  The tag said that it is an artist’s tray.  It was priced $25 which was a bit more then I wanted to spend but I liked it so much that I couldn’t take a chance that it would still be there later.  I’m going to have to sand the handle a little bit.  It has some really rough spots on it.  But otherwise, it is staying as is.  I’m not sure yet what I am going to do with it.  I have an idea and I will let you know when I settle on a final plan. 
And I found this cool laundry sign for $5!  Right now it is black but I am kind of thinking about painting it—maybe turquoise. 

Remember this?  It took forever for the paint to dry.  I moved it into place today….

And here it is in it’s new form.  All fresh and white.  And that is the lamp I was telling you about.  I love the green glass.  My idea is that I am going to store magazines, etc. in the bottom divided area and my laptop in the shelf area.  Love it!
Working on some more stuff for the walls.  We are evolving slowly… 🙂
Blessings friends!


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