when it rains, it pours

On Monday, the tech came out to service our air conditioner/heater and get it all ready for winter.  And he found a leak in the doo-hickey.  Which is bad, because all the freon could get out.  Which is bad because freon costs $22 a pound.  And an air conditioner/heater needs like 15-20 pounds of freon.  Which I could figure out the cost of but I’m going to let you do the calculations because it might make me cry if I find out I have to spend a whole lotta money for an invisible gas right before Christmas.  The tech is back here today to fix the doo-hickey.

Then yesterday the cable that hauls the garage door up and down broke.  So the garage door was hanging at a pretty scary angle.  Two weeks ago the garage door guy came out and replaced the springs that make the whatchamacallit turn to pull up the door.  Last week he had to come back to pop the whoozy whatzit in place because the door had gotten off the track.  Today he has to come back to replace the broken cable.  (on a slightly related note, he looks so much like Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy!  Gorgeous eyes!  Jacked up teeth though.  Sorry that was my inner voice gettting out)

And to put the frosting on the cake of my Wednesday, the youngest informed me today, through tears and wailing, that I was “RUINING HALLOWEEN!” because I told him I was taking him to trunk or treat instead of around the neighborhood.  Yes, folks—offering to take your kid to a place where he will get 3x the candy RUINS HALLOWEEN!  Remember that!  Don’t say I never taught you anything. 

So that’s it.  I the Halloween Ruiner am trapped in my house waiting for men to come and fix my whozzy whatzits and whatchamacallits.  For which I can then pay them lots of money.  I’m livin’ the life baby!

Blessings friends,


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