Why did I say "yes" to that?

How is it possible for me to be even busier now then when I was working every single day?  Today, I did another shift at the consignment sale.  The best thing about working at the sale this week?  Getting to look thru everything and find stuff for myself!  Today I found a beige crocheted sweater from the Gap for $6. And I found a fabric shower curtain with hooks from Pottery Barn for $20.  That find will be going into the boys’ bathroom soon.  I just need to get in there and paint their bathroom first.  AND, they sold enough stuff over the weekend to reopen consignment so I dropped a BUNCH of stuff off this morning.  Excited about that!  I am working there again on Friday.  In between I am working at the elementary school and subbing in a preschool class for a friend. 
The week after next I am working at the book fair up at the junior high, so next week is the week to get some more of my painting projects done.  There is something rejuvenating about getting stuff cleaned out of your house and doing updates.  Feels like a clean slate.  I LOVE it!!!!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that on Friday when I work at the consignment sale?  Everything is HALF off!!! Oh yeah!!! Hoping for some super cool items!  I will keep you updated. 
Blessings friends,


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