Freon gas cost a bucketful of money

Now don’t get to excited, but this entry is going to be chockful of witty anecdotes and thoughtful insights.  OK, that’s a big lie but let’s go with it anyway.
Yesterday I spent the entire morning trapped in my house.  The air conditioner company called at 8:00 saying that the tech was on the way.  But he didn’t get here until 9:30.   Then, what was supposed to take about an hour actually took two.  And the crack in the hoozy doo had apparently gotten worse since it was discovered on Monday and we lost 9 pounds of freon.  Now, if we were talking about losing 9 pounds of something, 9 pounds of my butt or thighs would be AWESOME.  But 9 pounds of freon cost $36 a pound to replace.  Now if someone would pay be $36 for every pound I lost, I would live on the treadmill, and sew my lips shut for extra insurance.  But when I am PAYING $36 pound, at a total cost of $324, I am not nearly as enthusiastic.  And when you add to that the labor and parts, I really just want to sit down and cry.  The only bright spot in all this is that the garage door guys said the broken cable was their fault and we didn’t have to pay to get the cable replaced and now my door is opening again. 
So that’s my current state.  Tomorrow is another day…..
Blessings friends,


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