Being a good citizen

My kids are weird.  Strange I tell ya’.  Evan is sitting here in the family room waiting for election results.  Chris keeps sticking his head in here wanting to know who’s winning and if he has missed anything.  Me?  The one who voted? The one who SHOULD be interested?  Yeah, I’m thinking about going to the other room to watch DVD’s of Mad Men while I sew. 
Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am very, very, very aware of the blessing of being a US citizen.  I did vote.  And I am interested in who wins.  What I am NOT interested in is the endless predictions and regurgitation of information that will be going on for the next several hours.  I think it is great that my kids are interested.  And they are welcome to sit in here and watch the election results—-with their dad.  I’m going to my room…..
Blessings friends,


2 thoughts on “Being a good citizen

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