Not til I clean

The Mr. and I painted the boys’ bathroom on Friday (yes, a week ago).  But I couldn’t take pictures of it until I cleaned it and then got everything in place.  Because if you wanted to see a nasty bathroom you could just stop by a convience store, or McDonalds. 

I was going to post a before pic here….

But I can’t find it.  So, it was all white.  Now it looks like this….

Now it is tan.  The super cute, striped shower curtain is from Pottery Barn—but I got it from the consignment sale a couple of weeks ago for $12!!! The cute prints are free printables that I got from Pinterest.  I just downloaded them, then sent them to 1-hour photo at Walmart to be printed.  Between the “wash” and “brush” there is now a yellow one that says “floss”.  Sorry, ran out of nails and didn’t get that one put up before I took the pics.  It bugs me a bit that the window in the bathroom is not centered above the toilet.  Since I couldn’t move the window or the toilet I had to choose where to center the “flush” print.  It is struggles like this that keep me up at night.  🙂
Then, because I still needed a couple of frames in the family room….
I found a couple more printables that I liked on Pinterest and got those printed and hung. I also hung the cross.  Now I want something horizontal to go to the right of the cross.  Then I think I will feel the wall is sufficiently filled in.

I’m still working on this.  I have two large poster frames that I think I am going to hang on this one and I really want a large clock to hang above the TV. 

yes, that says “keep calm and sing soft kitty” If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory you will get that.

I am so happy with the makeover of this room.  I didn’t realize how dark the red was and how tired I was of it until it was gone.  And now I don’t miss it one single bit! 🙂
Blessings friends.

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