It’s Pie baking day…

well, it’s GOING to be pie baking day.  I haven’t actually started the process yet.  Well, I guess I did kind of start the process.  I made my pie crust dough last night and threw it in the freezer.  (Because the recipe says it is actually flakier if you freeze it before using) and the dough is now sitting on the counter thawing.  Yes, I am aware that it seems a little backwards but the recipe is from Pioneer Woman and she hasn’t steered me wrong yet. 
This year we are giving thanks at my mother in law’s house.  Which means she is taking care of the big stuff, i.e the turkey.  She is also making a ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy.  I am in charge of pies, bread, green beans and jello.  The jello I started last night because it is layered and each layer has to set before you can do the next layer.  So, it is a time gobbling process.  (see how I worked “gobbling” in to the post to get that Thanksgiving connection?  yeah, I’m awesome like that) 
So to recap, I am in charge of pies–which I have NOT started baking yet.  And jello, which is currently in the fridge waiting for it’s next layer.  And bread which can’t be done til tomorrow.  And green beans which need to be snapped. 
And I am on the sofa, sipping a toffee caramel latte and blogging.  It’s 9:30—-I figure I’ve got at LEAST 24 hours before I have to have it all done.  🙂
I’ll post some pics and recipes for ya’ll later! 
God Bless you this Thanksgiving!


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