The Wreath–redone

We started the Christmas decorating last week.  But it didn’t get finished until today.  Now, I will say that Thursday and Friday don’t count because of Thanksgiving and Blach Friday.  But even still, it seemed to take for-ev-er……but today, the house is clean and the halls are decked.  Thank goodness.

While we were unpacking the Christmas decorations, I came across this wreath tha had seen better days.

I couldn’t even tell you when I had wired the ornaments and bow to it.  But it had certainly seen better days.  Even Oreo thinks it needs a facelift.
I started by taking off the old ribbon.  I left the ornments on though. 
Then I took pieces of that wide, glittery ribbon that you can get at Hobby Lobby for your tree, garlands, etc.  I am sure there is a specific name for this stuff but I don’t know what it is.  Anyway, I cut pieces probably about 10″ long then I bent them into a loop and twisted floral wire around the bottom of the loop.
Then I took the loop and wrapped the ends of the floral wire around a branch of the wreath.  I worked my way around the wreath, mixig up pink and green and then threw in a poinsettia here and there.  I wired the poinsettias on in the same way.  This is what I ended up with. 
(Please ignore my kids’ stockings behind the wreath.  I had to take the wreath off the door to take the pic and this was the only place to hang it)  I don’t know why the poinsetial look like they are varying colors, they are all actually pink, but for some reason are photographing weird.  Anyway, after I got everyhing wired on to the wreath, I cut a piece of wire about 12″ long.  I looped it through the center of the wreath and pulled the ends together at the top.  I twisted the ends together, then I folded the ends over to make a loop to hang the wreath.  Then I twisted the ends to the center of the wire to make m loop.  You can kinda see that up in the pic.  And that’s it! Easy, peasy lemon squeezy….
Blessings friends!

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