The downfall of knowing exactly what you want

Tell me if you have had this happen to you….
You know EXACTLY

  • the shade of nailpolish or lipstick
  • the pair of shoes
  • the kind of dress
  • the size and shape of rug
  • the pattern of fabric

etc, etc. that you want/need.  And you can’t find it ANYWHERE.  You go from store to store to online site and can’t find IT.  And it drives you cray–zee!

Well, that is where I am at right now.  We just repainted the master bathroom (the same color as we did the boys’) And the trim is all nice and bright white.  And I even recaulked the tub and shower yesterday.  And in my head I have this picture of a white shelf with hooks beneath it to hang on the wall behind the tub.  But I can’t find it.  I can find the hooks.  I can find the shelf.  But I can’t find them together.  I’ve looked at 5 different stores.  The closest I found was one at Lowe’s but it was too small and it was $40 which was way more than I wanted to spend.  And I refuse to buy something new just to bring it home and have to repaint it to make it meet my vision. 

So, I either have to let it simmer and see if I can find something to repurpose or redo at a garage sale OR change my vision.  And it is so hard to change your vision when it is so dang clear in your head! 

It’s kind of like when you have no money to spend you find dozens of things you want to buy, but as soon as you get a gift card or a birthday check, pfft—-there isn’t a thing in the entire store that you want. 

As soon as I get that wall done, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, I’m looking for a new idea. 

Blessings friends,


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