You can’t spell CRAY-ZEE without E!

I have shared with you before that my lil’ E has some quirks.  He may have an over tendency toward the melodramatic.  As his big brother describes him “he has the mood swings of a teen age girl!” 

And he has had some special moments in the last 24 hours.  Yesterday we get home from school….

Me:  E come here and let me cut your nails

E: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You know you can only cut them when I am going to bed. After you cut them I can’t do anything with my fingers!!!!

(Yes, dear readers, when I cut my child’s nails I also paralyzed his fingers for the next 12 hours.  It’s just a little freebie I throw in with the manicure)

Me:  Fine.  But we are cutting them TONIGHT before bed.  No complaints and no excuses.

5 hours later………

Me: OK, stick your feet out of the blankets so I can trim your nails. 

E:  OK! Fine!  But not THAT one!!! OOOOOOO!! It hurts!!! You’re cutting the skin!!! AAAHHHHHH!

Me:  I’m done already E.  Now give me your hands. 

E:  OK, but wait! No! Wait! You’re cutting them too short!  Not that one!  You’re cutting my skin!! It hurts!  Oh I HATE this!! Ooooooo, (boo hoo, boo hoo—this is my typed version of his fake “getting my nails cut” crying)

Me:  Alright, I’m done.  Now get in bed, you should already be asleep. 

E (for the next 20 minutes!!!):  Ooooo,ooooo, oooooo.  I hate this.  Now I can’t feel my fingers!  I just can’t stand this.  

(Yes, dear readers, he moaned and groaned like I had clipped the fingertips off of him rather than 1/16th of each of his finger nails.) 

So, he finally gets to sleep and I set about helping Jack the Elf with his prank for this morning.  He thought it would be a great idea to hang the boy’s underwear on the backs of the kitchen stools and from the lights above the breakfast bar.  So the boy gets up this morning…and then promptly runs into my room crying.

E:  MOM!!!!  Jack hung all my underwear around the kitchen and it is just so embarassing!!! It really hurt my feelings!!! Why was he so mean to me?!?!?! 

(OK, in “Jack’s” defense, he thought this would be a funny thing that E would get a big laugh out of—not that it was going to send him into counseling for the trauma caused by the elf on the shelf)

So, what did I do to solve this problem and diffuse the situation?  I sent big brother into the kitchen to collect all the underwear and put it away.  Then this afternoon while E was at school, Jack made a quick run to the north pole and came back with scented markers, a gingerbread cookie, and an apology note for E. 

E has now forgiven Jack.  And, he seems to have recovered full use of his fingertips.  So all is right with his world again.  At least for the next 10 minutes, after that it’s in the hands of the Lord!

Blessings friends!


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