For the first time EVER

I have something to tell you.
 It is common practice on December 23rd for me to complete a marathon presesnt wrapping session.  Because the truth is, I really dislike wrapping presents.  I mean,  I really, really, dislike it.  Which is kinda weird since I love to craft and make stuff.  So, I usually put it off until the last possible moment.
 If I could stick everything in a gift bag–or even better–just slap a tag with the person’s name on it, I would. 
But some people don’t really like getting their Christmas gifts in the Walmart or Target sack they left the store in—–whatever….so peer pressure and the opinions of others force me to wrap gifts.

Because I got a jump start on the wrapping when I cleaned up my closet for the garage sale, I felt inspired to spend yesterday afternoon wrapping gifts, adding ribbons, and putting on tags. 

Then today, I spent another hour or two working on wrapping.  And in the end, I have all my gifts (that I’ve bought so far) wrapped and ready for Christmas. 

It is kind of weird. 

Very nice, but kind of weird. 

I doubt that it will ever happen again.

Unless I make the garage sale an annual fall project.

Then maybe I could do it again. 

But then I have to have a garage sale again and that sounds like an awful lot of work that I would prefer to avoid. 

Maybe it is time to teach the boys’ how to wrap gifts…..

Blessings friends,


One thought on “For the first time EVER

  1. I (for some strange reason) really enjoy wrapping gifts. Too bad you don't like closer – I'd be happy to take up wrapping duty. :)I made the mistake or wrapping early one year, then as Christmas approached, I felt let down with nothing left to do. I had already done all the prep work for dinner, so I felt at a loss LOL.

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