The place that food goes to die…..

Do you have a freezer in your garage?  You know, in addition to the your regular refrigerator in your house?  We’ve actually got three.  We’ve got a fridge in the house.  We’ve got a small chest freezer in the garage.  And we have another refrigerator/freezer in the garage.  The fridge/freezer combo is really for drinks and ice cream, i.e. it’s pretty much our summer cooler.  The chest is for veggies, etc.  The problem is once I toss something in the chest freezer it settles to the bottom and gets buried.  And it bugs me—alot. 
Yesterday I went out and took every single thing out of the freezer and organized it.  I am embarassed to tell tell you that at the bottom I actually found cookie dough and peaches from 2010.  Yes, I threw them away.  As well as a whole lot of other stuff that I was unsure about how long it had been living in my freezer. 
I also discovered that I apparently feel the need to buy corn every single time I go to the grocery store.  I found 7 bags of frozen corn!!! And those are the ones that I kept!!! I tossed out the ones that were already opened!!!  I am also all set for New Year’s because I have 4 bags of frozen black eyed peas. 
I had some baskets that I had picked up at a garage sale during the summer but not yet found a use for—well now they are my freezer baskets.  Check it out.

I discovered 4 pounds of Italian sausage I didn’t know I had

I also have 4 containers of Cool Whip.  And seven 1/2 gallon cartons of milk.  I knew about all the milk though—I scooped that up a few weeks ago when Albertson’s was have a phenomenal sale on milk!

That down there would be my basket ‘o corn…

Then using an idea I saw on Pinterest, I got a dry erase marker and wrote my freezer inventory right there on the lid!!!
My family is under strict instructions to erase from the top whatever they remove from the freezer. 

I am so excited about this durn freezer makeover!!! I did the same thing on the other freezer, of course there isn’t much in there except ice cream and popsicles.  My husband said  “You Tracey-fied the freezer didn’t you?” 
Then today I did this—–
2 jars of chicken stock all ready for soup.  the small one is for later this week when it is supposed to get cold.  And four jars of bolognese sauce for pasta, pizza, etc.  So excited to have all this yumminess added to the freezer!!!!
Blessings friends!!

One thought on “The place that food goes to die…..

  1. AWESOME idea about writing in dry erase marker on the freezer! How did I miss that on Pinterest? Don't know, but I'm glad I saw it here – now maybe I'll get motivated to clean out the freezer!

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