The Evan and Mom fun day

This is going to be a scintillating blog entry.  You’d better sit down so that you can take in all the excitement. 
C had a math meet out of town today.  The Mr was going to a football game with his dad out of town today.  So, Evan and I planned “The Evan and Mom Fun Day” 

On the schedule:
Rise of the Guardians
Christmas shopping
Christmas pops concert

We headed out at 9.  We originally were going to IHOP but then we discussed that we wanted some popcorn at the movie and decided to go to breakfast at Chick fil a instead. 
After breakfast we headed to Target.  Because a day of fun is not complete without a Target stop. 
E got some candy for the movie and we looked at the Christmas decorations, etc.  Then we went to Petsmart.  We looked at the fish, the cats, the birds, and the rodents (ick).  E picked out a scratching tower for Smooch and Oreo for their Christmas present.  (yes, the kids are allowed to get their pets Christmas presents) 
We then headed over to the movie.  This is where the day of fun started to hit some speed bumps. When we were at Target, E had gotten one of those push pops that have the sour drops.  Well as soon as he opened the dang thing it broke off and shattered on the theatre floor.  Well that just STINKS!!!! He was upset so we had to head back to the concession stand to get a replacement candy. 
All right, picture this.  We are the only two people in the entire theatre.  Two women and three kids walk in and where do they sit?  With the WHOLE theatre (minus our two seats) to choose from?  Right next to us.  Then a woman and her two kids come in and where do they sit?  Right, smack, directly in front of us.  WHAT!?  Why do people do that?  I don’t do that!  When I walk into a movie theatre I want to be as far away from other patrons as possible.  I don’t want to hear other people talking…or chomping on their popcorn.  I don’t want them rocking their seats into my knees or banging the back of my seat with their knees.  And I don’t want to share an arm rest with a stranger.  Call me crazy but I like a bubble of empty seats around me and whomever I am with whenever possible.  My bubble increases my movie viewing enjoyment.  So, E and I had to bump down a couple of seats.  I HAD to!!!!
The movie was very good.  E and I enjoyed it.  We left the theatre and he decided he didn’t want to go and eat, but would rather go home instead.  (I should mention at this juncture that he had gotten up at 5:30 this morning). He decided he wanted to skip the Christmas concert too and we would go out to eat later. 
Well, when it was time to eat he wanted to go but didn’t want to go and there were tears and drama.  And it was very annoying and disturbing, to me.  Anyway, he decided he wanted to go to Red Robin, which we did, but he was crashing faaast.  So as soon as I was done eating (he took three bites of his spaghetti and was ready to go) we got home as speedily as we legally could. 
And now we are both in pjs.  It is now dark so I am planning to put him to bed in 30 minutes.  The boy needs some sleep.
OK, that’s the end of it.  Take a breath—I told you it would be exciting!
Blessings friends,


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