Jack the Elf, he’s just helping out

Since the underwear debacle, Jack took a few days off from elf mischief.  He did what his name says he should do—he sat on a shelf.  Sure, he moved around each night but he didn’t try any more pranks. 
Last night however, he decided to help out and pack the boys’ lunches.  Unfortunately, up at the North Pole all they ever have for lunch is cookies and hot chocolate.  Since he doesn’t have a lot of experience with human lunches, he packed an odd assortment of items….

The boys thought these lunches were pretty funny, but they were also really glad that they didn’t really have to eat any of this for lunch.  Lucky for them I had packed their real lunches last night..
Today is day 3 of the photo challenge:  “RED”
I love poinsettias.  It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until I have some around the house.  Unfortunately for the plants, I don’t ever have one survive thru New Year’s Day. 
Blessings friends!

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