Pinterest and the Elf

So, I saw all theses great ideas on pinterest for things that Jack could do this year.  And I had all these cool plans of things that I was going to do…But the truth is I’m running out of steam.  This morning he was propped up on the sofa reading the book about himself.  And every night, as I am ready to go to bed, I think “UGH!  I gotta move the elf!  What am I going to do with him tonight?”  I think it might be a whole lot easier (for ME) if Jack would fly home to the North Pole while the kids are at school and return here before they get home.  That way my brain will be at it’s peak and I would have all day to come up with something for the dang elf to be doing when they get home.  Hmmmm…maybe Jack is going to write them a note tonight and let them know that he will be visiting the North Pole during the day…..

Todays photo assignment was the temperature…..

I took my pic this evening while I was sitting in the parking lot at the junior high waiting for C to get back from his academic tournament. 

Next week it is supposed to get COLD!!! I can’t wait.  It just seems wrong to be wearing flip flops and capris in December. 

Blessings friends!!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest and the Elf

  1. I fell your pain! We've been doing elves for several years now – ours aren't exactly elves on the shelves, but it's the same concept. I was SO excited that first year, but then I quickly realized how creative I had to be all the time. Now, our elves only come about 10 days before Christmas, and leave on Christmas Eve. Also, our elves came with the story if they were really mischievous one night, you could feed them dried oatmeal (as opposed to their normal bedtime meal of jellybeans) and they'll sleep all night without making mischief. As you can imagine, that's not a very popular plan! I asked my kids the other day what their favorite elf trick was, and putting their underwear on the Christmas tree was a favorite (I guess to each his own, right?) they climbed into bed with us and drew mustaches on our face (with washable marker) and they trapped a stuffed animal tiger under a laundry basket. I liked your darth vader idea, and I think I might do series of battles between the elves and some toy enemy this year – make it good for several nights at least! Just wait till you've been doing this for several years – it's hard to come up with new ideas every year – I am thankful for Pinterest this year! And I can't wait for it to get cold too!

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