Sorry, last week got away from me

I know, I haven’t been doing well this week keeping up with my Jack the Elf updates and the December photo challenge.  I got busy, helped at the kid’s school, the big kid had an academic meet, the hubs was out of town.  You know, things got busy. 
So, I’m here today to get you all caught up.

Elfie played it cool the last couple of days of the week.  It may or may not have been due to a lack of imagination and/or a creativity block.  Friday night he woke up in E’s Lego storage container.  This morning he was playing Texas Hold ’em with some buddies from the North Pole


E thought it was particularly funny that they chose Daddy’s Star Wars playing cards for the game. 

Look who E and I saw cruising down the street as we drove to school on Friday.  The pic really doesn’t do him justice.  He had strings of Christmas lights all lit up on his ‘cycle.  E thought this was REALLY  cool.

Photo: Look who Evan and I just saw!!!

And I am going to post this as Day 6:Shopping because he had a wrapped package on the back so I am choosing to believe he was getting some shopping done.  You know for stuff that he and elves couldn’t make.

Day 7:  Bright and Day 8 Ornaments


Love my little green foil tree and the antique ornament balls that I got at an estate sale just make me so happy. 

And these are from another estate sale and I am also in love with these.  I am thinking about wiring them on to a wreath but I haven’t decided for sure yet.  Love THEM!!!

Today’s challenge is: Something you are reading. 

Does Pinterest count? 
No?  OK,

Just started it.  Seems like I should be reading something Christmassy—but what? 
So that is all the updates! 
God’s Blessings!

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