15 years is a long time!!!

18 years ago I started my career as a teacher in public school, teaching 3rd grade.  I taught 3rd grade for 3 years.  I loved it.  I loved the age, I loved the kids, I loved it!  Yes, it was tiring.  Yes, sometimes it was frustrating.  But, mostly, I loved it. 
Then the Mr. got a new job and we moved.  And I taught at kindergarten and 1st grade at a very small private school.  I didn’t love this job.  It was really, really hard and I didn’t like it.
Then I went back to school as a student which led to my teaching at the university level for 8 years.  I loved this.  I loved working with future teachers and teaching them to be fabulous teachers.
A second baby who grew up into a 3 year old led to my teaching at the preschool he attended.  I stayed there for 4 years.  I loved that too.  I loved all the little ones I worked with–they made me feel like a rock star every day. 
But this year, I decided to focus on being mom.  And I decided to sub.  Well, today was my first day of subbing in public school.  My first day back in a public school classroom in about 15 years.  And it was tough.  I had forgotten what it was like to be in a classroom for 7 hours with 20 kids. 
they tried to challenge me this morning.  Tried to see how far they could push the limits with “the sub.”  Unfortunately for them I’ve been playing this game a whole lot longer then they have!  The afternoon was much better.  They got a lot done.  The day went by really quickly.  Some of them were sweeties.  Some of them needed some help staying focused. 
I’m going back again tomorrow.  Kind of made me nostalgic for my third grade classroom.  hmmmm…wonder if they might have an opening next year….I’ll keep you posted.
Blessings friends,


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