I know, I know—I’m a slacker

Last week was so busy.  I had jury duty, I had to go to the dentist AGAIN for this tooth that has been a problem for months, and then I subbed at lil’ E’s school.  He LOVED having me work up there.  He wants to know if I will sub there every day.  LOL if it were up to him then I would probably go to school with him every day at least til junior high. so, I am days behind on my December photo challenge.  This is my “catch up” entry. 

a beautiful sight



Christmas tree

fave holiday song
My fave holiday song is Oh Holy Night and right now (it changes) my fave version is by the David Crowder band. 


This is not part of the challenge but…look at my poinsettias..

They all look like this.  I don’t know what I did wrong with the darn things.  I let them dry out between waterings, I kept them out of drafts.  They are just sickly…..

Elfie Jack built a can tower tonight and left E a note.  E left him a note first.  He wanted to know if he was on the naughty list.  I asked him why he thought he might be on the naughty list.  He told me that he didn’t think that he was but he just wanted Jack to check and make sure.    Last night Jack was in the drawer with all the video games.  And the day before we found him in E’s backpack.  E sure is going to miss him when he goes back to the North Pole.  I however will need another year to prepare ideas! 

Blessings friends!


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